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We offer consultancy in 3 areas:

Change Management

Our Change Management consultancy is based upon our understanding of the Change Curve. We recognise that shock, denial and reality are all distinct phases that require very different approaches. By raising awareness and understanding, we encourage behavioural change which builds competence and creates a positive perception as the change becomes the norm. This ensures that both individuals and organisations move through the Change Curve to achieve successful and sustainable implementation of change.

Change Curve

Generational Difference

Generational difference in the workplace is potentially the most profound people issue facing organisations today. The aging Baby Boomer generation and the seemingly irreconcilable differences with their successors, Generation X, is the unseen cause of much workplace conflict. Add to that the impact of the young Generation Y, and the workplace has become a minefield of values, priorities and attitudes to work. The starting point is the understanding of generational difference in the workplace and the implications and impact for organisations. Such impact affects the whole employment cycle from recruitment, induction, performance management, development and retention of people.

Human Resources

Getting the right people – Making them effective – Maximising their potential – Making sure they stay. The 4 key areas that provide the starting point for our Human Resources consultancy. In each area we provide support and guidance to establish innovative and best practice approaches. Full knowledge transfer ensures a sustainable legacy. Competency frameworks and assessment / development centres are at the core of this work ensuring that selection, performance management, development and progression are all linked to clear requirements and are subject to rigorous selection methods.

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